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Christmas Designers

With Our Help, You Might Win The Best Decorated Christmas House Award!

Christmas Designers

Our highly trained team will provide you with a one-stop solution, a robust support plan to make your specific decoration needs a reality.

We are an organization that owns and operates locally and respects authenticity and integrity in all facets of our operation. We provide a wide range of installation and holiday decorations.
We provide quality work, and our dedication to producing excellent results will add elegance and light to your holiday.

We provide our clients with…

We are working to provide you with top-class light and display installation, permanent lighting, event lighting, and more.

Residential Holiday lighting

Commercial Holiday lighting

Restaurant Staging & Lighting

Event Decoration & Lighting

Weddings Decoration & Lighting

Birthday Decoration & Lighting

Our Designers, Installers, and Experts Can Help You With Projects Big and Small.

Holiday Services & Beyond

Commercial Christmas Lights & Displays

Businesses decked out in professionally installed, attractive holiday lighting, and displays get a massive return on their investment back.

Here are some great reasons to illuminate and decorate your place of business:

Municipal Christmas Decorations

The most obvious gain is the joy and goodwill you will be creating among your people. It is very simple: The lights of Christmas make people happy. And the more spectacular the display, the greater the happiness and joy it generated.
But towns and communities that go big with public displays of Christmas lights are being rewarded with something far more substantial than their citizens’ appreciation. Done right, public Christmas displays will get the neighborhood LOTS of attention.

Christmas Designers

Our customers come to us for a professional, trouble-free experience, and enjoy brilliant results that give their property something special. Christmas Designers, as the leading holiday decorating and professional Christmas light installation company in NJ.

Have questions about your holiday lighting or display needs? We’re open all year round.

Halloween Decorations

Of course, not everyone enjoys dressing up in Halloween costumes … but decorating your home is an entirely different story! There’s just something about making the perfect haunted house that will make your neighbors come by and gaze in wonder, and the right Halloween decoration will turn your house into the neighborhood’s spotlight.

So if you’re looking to make your home absolutely haunting this Halloween, our designer’s will to give you plenty of scary ideas for Halloween decor. Whether you want your haunted house to be fun for the whole family or want everyone to scream at the door, all of your ideas for Halloween decoration can come true when you contact Christmas Designers to do it for you.

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Our Highly Trained Team Will Provide You With A One-Stop Solution, A Thoughtfully Designed Plan To Make Your Specific Decoration Needs A Reality.
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